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Monitor, Simulate, Educate, and Automate Your Cybersecurity Training

"Detect and Protect"

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Defenses with State-of-the-Art AI-Powered Technology.

Discover the forefront of AI-driven innovation that empowers you to proactively assess and enhance your teams cybersecurity resilience. Our solution provides you with the latest in AI technology to simulate phishing attacks, gauge user knowledge, and readiness effectively.

Harness AI Precision

Employ cutting-edge AI technology to execute realistic and advanced phishing simulations, ensuring your team stays on their toes.

Rapid Template Creation

Generate authentic phishing templates swiftly, enabling you to initiate timely training sessions and evaluate responses.

Real Time perfomance

Stay informed with real-time performance insights, allowing you to make informed decisions based on measurable results.

Adaptive learning

Watch as our AI adapts to your company’s behavior, optimizing your training program to align perfectly with your teams needs.

Integrated Platform

Enjoy the convenience of an integrated platform that streamlines your processes, from simulation and training to performance analysis.

Customizable Dahsboards

Tailor your experience with customizable dashboards that provide clear and actionable information.

Why NOW?

90% of data breaches

Phishing attacks are responsible for more than 80% of reported security incidents and about 90% of data breaches.

$8.4T lost

The global cost of cybercrime is predicted to rise from $8.4T to $23.75T within the next five years.

86% of orgs

At least one person in 86% of organizations clicked a phishing link in 2021.

17% jump in complexity

Generative AI is rapidly increasing the persuasiveness of these attacks, with the average linguistic complexity of these emails jumping by 17%.

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