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"Real-time threat protection, detection and automated response to combat threats and stop breaches anywhere and everywhere"

Today, many organizations rely on a collection of disparate security tools to identify and mitigate threats. These siloed security implementations are inherently inefficient and ineffective. Detecting, isolating and remediating security incidents is resource-intensive, time-consuming and error-prone, and involves multiple platforms and administrative interfaces. To get to the bottom of an issue, security analysts are often forced to manually sift through and piece together volumes of diverse alert and event data generated by different systems.

To make matters worse, today’s sophisticated threat actors know where to look for gaps in security silos. They can slip between defenses and move laterally across the network, flying under the radar for extended periods of time, lying in wait and gathering reconnaissance data for future attacks.

For more effective protection, organizations must optimize threat detection, investigation, hunting and response across environments and domains with extended detection and response (XDR).

Survival of the fastest

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Falcon Insight XDR key capabilities

Full attack visibility

The easy-to-understand Falcon console paints the complete picture of an attack for rapid decision-making. Powerful enterprise-wide search enables proactive, freeform hunting across your entire environment from day one.

Simple, fast and lightweight

The single lightweight agent deploys in minutes and is immediately operational — no reboot required. Automated updates and broad operating system coverage help reduce blindspots and operational complexity.

Award-winning threat intel

Built-in world-class threat intelligence bolsters detection and supercharges your SOC. From automatic sandbox submissions to in-depth actor profiles, get complete understanding of the threat and adversary behind it.

Experts at the ready

Strike the right balance of technology and expertise with market-leading managed threat hunting and the fastest and most powerful turnkey MDR in the market with full-cycle remediation from security experts.

Simplified security stack

Leverage CrowdStrike’s robust partner ecosystem and easy-to-use APIs for seamless integration with the rest of your security stack.

AI-powered insights

Best-of-breed AI/ML, real-time posture scoring and high-performance memory scanning automatically detect even the most evasive threats.


CrowStrike named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Endpoint protection Platforms.

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