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"Cloud Email Security for the Modern Workforce "

Abnormal Security combines a cloud-native API architecture and behavioral AI to stop the full spectrum of email and collaboration application attacks.

The open design of cloud email platforms provides new opportunities for collaboration and extensibility, but it has also opened up new channels for attackers to exploit. Attackers today are learning how the different identities within an organization interact, then launching targeted attacks that continue to evolve in complexity and efficacy. These sophisticated attacks evade detection by traditional solutions, using privileged user accounts and third-party application integrations as entry points. More attackers are even setting their sights on adjacent, email-like channels including collaboration apps to infiltrate the organization.

$ 0 k

Average cost per business email compromise incident.


Average SecOps hours saved annually with Abnormal Abuse Mailbox Automation.


To integrate with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace and begin protecting employees.

$ 0 M

Averange organizationĀ“s savings in mitigated risk annually with Abnormal.

The Solution is not Normal

Abnormal provides the solution.

Block targeted inbound email attacks incluiding credential phishing, business email compromise, suply chain fraud, and more.

Remediates malicious emails, removing the possibility of end-user engagement.

Full automates email triage, remediation, and reporting, bringing together all auto-detected and user-reported threats into a single interface.

Helps employees be more productive by automatically moving promotional graymail out of the inbox.

Gives visibility into configuration drifts across your cloud email environment, surfacing third-party application misconfigurations, elevated privileges and other potential risks.

The abnormal Cloud Email Security platform includes:

Inbound Email Security: Harnesses advanced behavioral AI to block socially-engineered attacks and other malicious emails.

Abuse Mailbox Automation*: Centralizes user-reported emails and automatically investigates them, responding to close the feedback llop with users.

Email Account Takeover Protection*: Detects, disables, and remediates compromised accounts.

Email Productivity*: Filters time-wasting emails from employee inboxes with an adaptive and policy-free approach.

*Add-on product. Note that Abnormal Inbound Email Security is required to use these feature.

Security Posture Management*: Discovers and mitigates misconfiguration risks across your cloud email environment.

Email-Like Messaging Security*: Detects and surfaces malicious URLs discovered within Slack, Teams, and Zoom messages.

Email-Like Account Takeover Protection*: Alerts security teams of suspicious authentication activity in Slack, Teams, and Zoom that may indicate an account taleover.

Email-Like Security Posture Management*: Monitors for changes in user privileges in Slack, Teams, and Zoom, surfacing those that are high impact.

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